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We could do with more communal laundries

23 January, 2020

Launderette in England’s Lane, Belsize Park

• WHY doesn’t the homeless hostel in England’s Lane, Belsize Park, have free in-house laundry facilities, (‘It’s made my day’ CNJ tells manager launderette is saved, January 16).

If residents are “living” on £35 a week, they cannot really afford to attend a commercial launderette. And, on a more general point, why don’t more housing developments include communal laundries?

It’s crazy that we all have to buy tiny washing machines which are inadequate for most users’ needs when conveniently-situated communal laundries, fitted with industrial-size washers and dryers, would be the most effective way to clean our clothes etc.

Why don’t new-build housing developments incorporate such facilities. In some cases they could be retrofitted into existing blocks of flats.

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