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Tulip Siddiq says prime minister aunt would tell her to ‘f*** off’ if she tried to intervene in Bangladeshi politics

MP tells Guardian: 'You don't get to be where she is by listening to your niece on national security issues'

12 February, 2019 — By Richard Osley

HAMPSTEAD and Kilburn MP Tulip Siddiq said her aunt, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, would tell her to “fuck off” if she tried to get involved in Bangladeshi politics.

During her time as an MP she has faced pressure to call out the country’s record on human rights and reports of government critics ‘disappearing’.

Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh’s prime minister, was at Ms Siddiq’s maiden speech in Parliament soon after her election win in 2015 and the aunt and niece are close.

But Ms Siddiq said: “You don’t get to be where she is by listening to your niece on national security issues. There are two words she’d say to me: ‘Fuck off’. People need to realise the limitations that I have, how far removed I am from it.”

She has been challenged twice by Channel 4 News over the case of barrister Ahmad bin Quasem, a critic believed to being held by authorities in Bangladesh.

Ms Siddiq said: “When they ask me to intervene, it makes me look a lot more powerful than I am.”

The MP was speaking during an interview with Guardian newspaper, which published a feature on her today (Tuesday).

She has been in hot demand for interviews after being wheeled into the House of Commons to vote against Theresa May’s initial Brexit deal, having decided to delay the caesarean birth of her new son Raphael. The episode led to calls to make it easier for MPs to vote without physically being in the chamber.


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