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There’s no justification for spending on this road closure scheme

24 September, 2020

• THIS week many Camden Town residents will have received letters announcing the commencement of immediate works to close various roads around Mornington Crescent, Albert Street, Arlington Road and Jamestown Road for 12 months and maybe more.

Quite apart from the extremely specious arguments put forward to support this scheme, the lack of any credible residents’ consultation or any explanation as to how the increased traffic diverted into Delaney Street and Parkway will be managed, can Camden’s highway planners really justify spending what will probably amount to over £50,000 of council budget on such a pointless and misdirected scheme?

Surely, given difficulties caused by Covid-19, this budget could be better invested supporting local businesses, residents and facilities.

As there is no mechanism for residents’ response provided in the council’s diktat, perhaps one of the highway planners or our councillors could attempt to furnish these pages with a decent justification of this pointless expense. If so, I for one am looking forward to a very amusing read.

Former Chair, Albert Street North Residents’ Association


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