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The possible demise of HS2 is good news

11 October, 2018

Camden Conservatives leader Oliver Cooper, who wants to see the HS2 project scrapped

• YOUR front page headline, (Change of direction on HS2? October 4), is very welcome news.

HS2 intends to use the same type of scientifically bankrupt two-rail system roundly condemned by the legendary Professor GFC Rogers of the mechanical engineering department of Bristol University back in the 1960s for its appalling over-kinematic restraint and all the consequent problems.

Its speed has been humiliated by the Japanese Maglev train (375mph) which in turn is about the be shamed by Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, until recently regarded as sci-fi nonsense, which is now actually cutting metal.

I understand that passenger miles is an important issue. Then we should look at the possibility of enlarging tunnels, raising electrical gantries, adjusting stations and using double-decker American-style carriages for a tiny fraction of the cost. This proposal might have other issues but it might be a good solution.

The real puzzle is why the three main political parties ever supported the project. The transport speakers for them could be invited to a public meeting to face a severe and in-depth grilling. My belief is that sums of money have been promised. This might seem far fetched but it is the only reason that makes sense to me.

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