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The middle of the village should be for everyone

24 September, 2020

• BELSIZE Terrace has always looked clean with plenty of room for people to walk through.

It is now lined with bins containing restaurant waste and stained on the ground from leaking rubbish bags. It hasn’t stopped the fly-tipping on Belsize Lane.

Now the business association person wants to move the bike rack because of the bins that shouldn’t even be on that path. They should either be out of sight or in the car park.

The planters are positioned to make it difficult to walk through the middle of the village. There are chemical cleaning products left unattended. The benches have been moved to force people onto the cycle path.

The path outside the restaurant at 12a Belsize Terrace is now completely blocked every day with tables and chairs which means people have no choice but to walk in the car park.

Even with distancing there is enough space outside the businesses and the many empty premises for the restaurant customers. The middle of the village should be for everyone not just for people who can afford to pay to eat and drink there.

We want to know what the £30,000 grant has been spent on. Hi-vis vests for the councillors is pathetic. Many residents have been trying to keep the area clean for years without the constant self-congratulating and photo opportunities.

Most visitors notice the dog pee and graffiti everywhere not a few cigarette butts. Asking for volunteers to help out restaurant owners is outrageous.

We would like more comfortable seating and greenery with space for residents to walk through freely.

Street food once or twice a week here would be popular. Camden need to intervene here so that we get some shops that the majority of residents need and would use and not more of the same.

Belsize Park Gardens, NW3


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