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The man said ‘I didn’t leave Labour…’

24 September, 2020

Sir Keir Starmer, ‘the newTony Blair’ 

• MARTYN Swain should not feel he is alone in being let down by Labour, (Where’s the fight against HS2?, September 17).

When Frank Dobson first became MP for Holborn and St Pancras back in 1979 he did a lot for residents in his constituency.

I got rehoused from a dark, damp, basement that the council had put a compulsory purchase order on. My quality of life improved and it was noticeable.

Then I thought Labour was finally being a socialist party at least thanks to some MPs in spite of Margaret Thatcher’s free-market policies. Then we had the Tony Blair disaster.

Poor old Frank, who used to stop in the street and talk about how things were going down in SW1 as well as in WC1, got to be health secretary. He no longer stopped to chat in the street or in Russell Square.

Blair moved him on and used him as a stalking horse against Ken Livingstone. Frank and his left wing allies, like Robin Cook and others, were marginalised as Blair got the country ready to go to war against Iraq.

Now Camden has slid into the pockets of the big corporations like Google as it sells off the land and gives permission that allows Lord Adonis’s pet ego project to disrupt communities and destroy the history around the Euston area.

My wife and I could no longer afford to live in Camden any more and moved to stay with my daughter. I must be clairvoyant as I saw all this coming and I can quite understand how Martyn Swain feels.

Sadly I doubt if he will get any assistance from the new Blair, Sir Keir Starmer. As a former Scotsman answered when asked how he had voted, he replied: “I didn’t leave Labour, Labour left me.”

That about sums it up. Career politicians, opportunists and champagne socialists!

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