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The interests of permanent tenants should take priority over the ‘temporary’

10 August, 2017

• I WOULD like to respond to Robert Taylor’s letter (Short-term lets can be damaging, July 27).

It has been my misfortune over the past 13 years or so to be living next door to a leasehold property situated in a council block. Most of the transient tenants who stay for approximately one year, show me and the other tenants living in the block absolutely no consideration or respect at all.

They and their visitors/lodgers come and go at all hours, slamming doors, shouting, laughing loudly and they hold parties waking my son and I up in the process.

The council seem to be powerless or unwilling to take action other than writing them letters which the tenants ignore. This sort of behaviour is not considered to be a “statutory” nuisance.

My bedrooms are downstairs, just a few feet away from their front door (internal), so we are adversely affected by the noise. It is almost impossible to obtain the evidence needed, as the noise is often intermittent and occurs outside the hours that the mobile patrol operates (6pm to 1.30am).

The sheer anger, frustration, and severe sleep deprivation caused by this over a very prolonged period of time has caused my health to suffer (I am a pensioner).

I agree with Robert Taylor of the Camden Federation of Private Tenants that local authorities urgently need more resources and powers to deal with this problem, as too many tenants are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety similar to mine. Another concern is that some unauthorised tenants/visitors have entry-door keys which makes me feel less secure.

The leaseholder lettings agents do not seem to care or take any responsibility for the behaviour of their “tenants” who carry on being anti-social and inconsiderate regardless. I think the interests of permanent tenants should take priority.



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