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The changes at Highbury Corner were incredibly stupid

20 June, 2019

• IT is quite obvious that transport is considered the priority for the changes at Highbury Corner.

Apparently, it is now being considered that the bus stop in St Paul’s Road should be moved. I am in my 80s and this will mean walking farther to get to the doctor or the chemist.

Incidentally, when traffic is held up by the crossing at Highbury Corner (and what a short time is allowed for that crossing) no traffic can go into Holloway Road. It can also block Canonbury Road. So 30 and 19 buses cannot proceed as they have no exit.

And what about traffic which comes from Holloway Road to St Paul’s Road and straddles the crossing, which means that pedestrians cannot cross as vehicles are on the crossing when a green light for pedestrians is showing.

What an incredibly stupid idea the change was. It is obvious that no consultation about traffic was involved.

Compton Road, N1


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