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Taxpayers’ money could be put to far better use than for the destructive HS2

28 November, 2016

I AGREE  wholeheartedly with Mike George (Fight HS2, Letters, November 17) and would urge everybody who cares about protecting the future health and wellbeing of our children and fellow citizens, to sign the 38degrees petition to scrap HS2, a waste of taxpayers’ money.

HS2 is an undemocratic company, with the government as its only shareholder, who are being allowed to make decisions on a large, national, publicly-funded, infrastructure project without question.

The cost of HS2 is currently estimated as being £65billion, and expected to rise to £90billion.

This taxpayers’ money could be better spent on projects that could benefit everyone in the country (and not just the few) such as  on the NHS, schools, education, and improving our current rail system.

HS2 is destructive, and environmentally unfriendly to all of us, (especially our children), forcing people out of their homes, destroying businesses, and polluting densely-populated areas where every man, woman, and child, will have their health put at risk.

They are irretrievably destroying ancient woodlands and forests, our historic buildings and heritage, and beautiful countryside.

All to save 32 minutes getting  from Euston to Birmingham!

For all our sakes, we cannot allow HS2 to go ahead. We need to unite and fight.

Parliament Hill Fields


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