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Street trees now sad, bare skeletons

20 June, 2019

Trees outside Emirates Stadium: ‘Hacked back’

• TREES bring huge benefits to our city. They don’t just help absorb carbon from the atmosphere, they remove pollutants, provide shade and cool air in summer, offer habitat for wildlife, reduce flood risk, support our mental health, can even give us food, and, of course, look lovely.

I was, therefore, dismayed to see the short-back-and-sides given to the street trees outside Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium recently.

Trees are usually best pruned in autumn or winter, while they are dormant, but these were ruthlessly hacked back after their spring foliage had grown, so visitors to the stadium forecourt this summer will have to make do without their shade or cooler air and suffer the bizarre sight of their sad, bare skeletons.

I’m not sure whether Islington Council or Arsenal itself were responsible for the mutilation, but whoever it was has shown little understanding of trees’ value to our community and little respect for our urban environment. I hope the fans and trees don’t suffer too badly as a result.

Islington Green Party


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