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Some joggers have become a menace in coronaworld

03 April, 2020

• NOTHING against joggers per se, just those (and there are a fair number) who refuse to take evasive, two-metre, action, slow down or yield on narrow paths when required.

Needless to say there are a fair amount of self-entitled blighters around these days, and when those sort of people jog, they seem to think #2metres doesn’t apply to them.

There are non-joggers like this too, of course, especially in the slender aisles of small corner shops.

But the fact a jogger is moving at such speed and more likely to pant heavily, dare I say splutter – at least I do when I jog – makes them a bit of a menace under the current circumstances.

And many don’t have a sense of humour either. After I tweeted “joggers are a menace” a lady jogger replied: “Vilifying a group gives people permission to attack that group. It’s dangerous,” as though joggers are now some sort of “vulnerable oppressed group” that needs special protection.

I reminded her joggers are not a “group” just individuals who choose to move on a public highway much faster than everyone else and, in coronaworld, that comes with a certain amount of responsibility.

So if a jogger comes too close to you then gives you lip for politely asking them to keep their distance, just tell them to “jog on”!

Editor, The Hampstead Village Voice


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