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Shameful trial of Assange

24 September, 2020

Julian Assange

• I WONDER what journalists are thinking right now as Julian Assange, a journalist of international standing, is in court threatened with extradition to the US, which would see him face 175 years in prison, in extreme and abusive detention conditions for releasing documents that exposed crimes committed by the US.

And what do the general public think about knowing about what governments are up to? Do we believe we should know what they are doing behind our backs or should they have carte blanche to keep secret their acts of criminality?

Julian Assange’s lawyer, Jen Robinson, says that the “US has misled our courts and the British government in description of facts in the indictment to justify his extradition”.

Not only that but others such as Amnesty International, the media and NGOs have been kept out of the court proceedings. What does this say about our democracy?

What do our opposition have to say about this? I have repeatedly emailed my MP, Tulip Siddiq, but have only received a response when I previously included your paper.

Isn’t it about time the opposition became a true force and ensured our legal system is fit for purpose? Julian Assange should be given his freedom for having committed no crime at all.

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