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Seats outside King’s Cross station soaked with water to ‘discourage large gatherings’

Network Rail says the water is also for cleaning the seating area

04 May, 2020 — By Richard Osley

Workers with mops wet the seats [All photos: Simon Lamrock]

SEATS outside King’s Cross station are being soaked with water several times a day to ‘discourage large gatherings’ during the coronavirus lockdown.

Passers-by, however, said that individuals using the benches were also being asked to move along by police or finding the seats made unusable by dripping water.

And one who asked what was going on said they were told by a worker that they had instructions to wet the seats to prevent people sitting on them.

Water is poured onto seating outside King’s Cross

Trains are still running from the station for key workers with waiting areas spaced out inside.

“I’ve watched them several times throwing water over seats and mopping it over,” said one onlooker, who lives nearby.

“It’s a truly awful and demeaning sight to see. My main concern is that low paid cleaners are are being put in danger of violence when having to move people on and throw water in front of them.”

He added: “If you’re waiting for a train you have to sit on allocated seats inside, you can’t sit outside and take in fresh air, vape, before boarding. This overly affects single mums, people with knee injuries, or people who are just passing and need to sit for two minutes.”

Police talk to a man on the seating

A Network Rail spokesperson said there was not a ban on using the seats outside the station.

“We are doing this to some of the seats in the area,” they said. “This is to help keep them clean and to discourage large gatherings of people. Other seating areas remain unaffected and available for use by those who have to travel.”


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