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Rescue volunteers help save seagull stuck on spikes in Belsize Park

Firefighters arrive on scene with ladder

09 July, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

Firefighters reach the stricken bird

ANIMAL rescue volunteers swooped in to save a young seagull trapped on top of a building in Belsize Park.

The baby bird found itself trapped in metal spikes on top of a house in Glenmore Road on Monday. The chimney spikes are used to prevent birds from nesting in buildings.

The young seagull was stuck on a cowl in Glenmore Road

Catia Barbosa, a volunteer from the London Wildlife Protection group, said: “The baby was empaled in spikes that are used to prevent birds from nesting but cause unnecessary suffering. It happens all the time where a bird gets trapped in the netting. Conical cowls or spinner cowls can be used instead of the horrible spikes.

“Her wing is badly damaged but she is safe now.”

Ms Barbosa said a member of the public alerted the group. Firefighters from Kentish Town Fire Station attended the scene on Tuesday and used one of their ladders to reach the bird and free it from the spikes. The gull is now being looked after by the London Wildlife Protection.

“The fire brigade was amazing,” said Ms Barbosa.

London Wildlife Protection is on the lookout for volunteers. For more information contact or see its Facebook page.

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