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Pine dining! Goats tuck into festive leftovers with Christmas tree dinner

'It's full of Vitamin C and a natural dewormer'

10 January, 2018 — By Helen Chapman

GOATS are helping the recycling of Christmas trees by chomping through the pines and needles.

Workers at the Kentish Town City Farm have discovered the animals’ penchant for the festive leftovers.

Mel Chamberlain, who works at the farm in Cressfield Close, said she had researched how the trees were good for the goats as they are high in Vitamin C and are a “natural dewormer”.

She said: “I put a tree in with the goats and they took to it like flies to a lightbulb. They love it. They devoured the whole lot. The really lovely thing is that they ate really harmoniously around it. Goats usually have a strict hierarchy around their food, with the top goat getting the food first before the younger ones are allowed to go in. With the Christmas tree, all of them go in together for about a minute-and-a-half.”

Ms Chamberlain added: “Finding a way to help prevent the animals getting worms was next on our to-do list, so this has really helped.” Since last week, the farm has had about 30 trees donated.

“People have jumped on the recycling bandwagon and have delivered some trees that are in really good nick,” said Ms Chamberlain. “We didn’t want any with preservatives or fake snow spray, as this would make the nutritional value questionable. It’s great for the goats who love having a bit of variety to what they eat. It makes a change from their usual hay.”

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