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Labour branch calls on the council to lift the threat hanging over Carlton primary

23 January, 2020

• ON January 14 Gospel Oak branch Labour Party passed this resolution calling on Camden Council to remove the threat of the closure of Carlton school and to allow sufficient time to come up with solutions that will save and enhance this vital asset in our community.

“Given the particular needs of the children at Carlton Primary, Gospel Oak branch of the Labour Party stands wholeheartedly against the decision by the council to propose the closure of Carlton Primary School (rated ‘good’ by Ofsted as of February 2019).

“We therefore ask:

– for the immediate removal of the threat of closure of Carlton primary (and to make this public); failure to do so will inevitably result in ‘fright and flight’ of pupils and staff, and thus its demise by default;

– that the paper scheduled for the April 1 cabinet meeting be delayed to allow further constructive engagement of parents, governors and supporters of the school (and all other Camden schools) before publication of any specific proposals.”

Chair, Gospel Oak Branch Labour Party


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