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Is it time to kiss Aaron goodbye?

OPINION: It’s a sad situation that a player who has won the FA Cup final for Arsenal, twice, doesn’t feel wedded to the team – especially at a time of exciting rebirth

11 October, 2018 — By Richard Osley

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey

AARON Ramsey tweets a kapow emoji and delights in the fact that Arsenal have won nine matches in a row.

Social media is supposed to bring us closer to our heroes, but against the backdrop of a million stories about his apparently inevitable departure from the club, it doesn’t feel as cosy as it should.

He scored the most wonderful goal on Sunday – the sort of goal that only Arsenal score: flicks, tricks, cute – but as much as we raved about it, we remain in the brace position for him to join a rival team.

If – or possibly, when – he leaves, it will once again sum up this awkward period for the club, ­noted for the exhausting patience afforded to players who have run in and out of form, but then climaxing with them brokering deals with other clubs.

It’s true that Arsenal should manage contracts better, but if football was like the decent old days, Ramsey would be burning to play for the club. What a sad situation we have reached where a player who has won the FA Cup final for the club, twice, doesn’t feel wedded to the team, especially at a time of an exciting rebirth.

Maybe the club have caused him some offence in the negotiations – it was pretty blunt with Wilshere – but the flirting with Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United feels like he’s sneaking off to a Marylebone pub with a Strictly dancer behind our back. On our birthday!

At this point, it’s always worth remembering that only a fraction of players who do choose to leave Arsenal seem to prosper elsewhere (apart from financially that is).

There’s a case to say Robin van Persie did, but his hero worship at United was embarrassingly brief.

Head over to Sion (who?) in Switzerland to see Alex Song play if you want, or remember how quickly Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna were dumped on the scrapheap by Manchester City.

Patrick Vieira never played as well as at Arsenal, neither did Petit. Hleb played a whopping 19 times for Barcelona before struggling to get a game for Birmingham City.

Fabregas never looks truly happy in blue, Nasri became a bit of a joke, and Thierry, lovely Thierry, came back. Walcott is as he was, just in a different shirt, and Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere have been unlucky with injuries.

And then there’s Sanchez, lol Sanchez. The back-heeling Ramsey, potentially a near-club legend, may just be about to follow in their footsteps.


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