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How encouraging that Mecca Bingo is still bothered enough to cater for the ‘old’uns’

07 February, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• I WOULD like to reassure William Miller about Mecca’s plans for all-night bingo sessions in Arlington Road, Camden Town, (Neighbours object to round-the-clock bingo bid, January 31).

My Nan was a great bingo fan and would go along at least once a week. She and her mates really were no trouble on the way home even after drinking the odd snowball to celebrate winning a few quid.

Sadly she stopped going when they banned smoking about 15 years ago. And I’m not sure Nan would have played into the small hours if she had lived. She was a stickler for cocoa and bed after the 10 o’clock news.

But how encouraging that a big company like Mecca is still bothered enough with our community to cater for the old’uns of modest means. Or am I missing something?



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