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How about a referendum on Arsenal’s sunshine break?

OPINION: After the season the Gunners have had so far, fans don’t want to see photos of Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira lounging about in Dubai

06 February, 2020 — By Richard Osley

AS the UK left the EU on Friday evening, people gathered for the party of their lives in Parliament Square.

The TV cameras descended and they were asked why they were so jubilant, how was this 11 o’clock moment going to change their lives tomorrow?

“We’re free,” was the tenor of the response, “we’ll be able to make our own laws up now.”

It was never made quite clear which ruinous Euro law would be first on the chopping block, for there were fireworks to enjoy, but hardly a week has gone by and Brexiteers are in for a shock.

Oh yes, football – “the football” – is shutting down this weekend for that very continental idea: a winter break. They’ve been splitting the season in two “over there” for years but, for the first time here, the Premier League is now also slinking off for some collective February sun.

How very European.

What will be the reaction of the determined football historian wearing the T-shirt with a slogan twist outside the Houses of Parliament, “Two World Wars, one World Cup… and a referendum”? Or those in the Square singing “bye, bye EU, bye, bye EU” in the same fashion to the way West Ham fans have become accustomed to being serenaded by rivals with, when leaving a home defeat three minutes early.

At the very moment the UK is apparently wheezing a sigh of relief that Brexit is finally done, football has looked the other way and is trying to be as cosmopolitan as the Bundesliga. Soon we’ll be copying more of their insane European ideas, like having safe standing sections in stadiums and cheaper football tickets. Hmm…

Anyhow, whether you wanted to leave or remain, or you didn’t really know, we can all be in harmony on this: we do not want to see this week’s photos of Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira lounging about on the beach in Dubai after the season Arsenal have had so far.

Join me in this clearcut referendum vote – yes or no – has any Gunners player done enough to deserve a week of sunbathing?


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