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Has the council forgotten pedestrians and citizens’ rights?

23 January, 2020

• I HAVE just heard from those campaigning against the removal of traffic islands in Prince of Wales Road, that even though the Local Government Ombudsman is now considering the matter, Camden is proceeding with their operation as though they had the right to proceed when the matter is under consideration.

So far three islands have been removed with six to go. What has happened to a citizen’s rights? What has happened to democracy?

And, anyway, how can the council who, in the 1970s, planned to build a pedestrian bridge across Prince of Wales Road – at just this point – think that pedestrians need less help in crossing an unusually wide road which has, since then, become a bus route and is about to become a cycle route as well?

Public outcry scotched the building of that bridge. Has the council lost the art of listening?



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