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Hampstead Heath searched for dog lost 130 miles away after possible sighting

Cody the collie cross disappeared in Worcester after being scared by a firework

06 July, 2017 — By Tom Foot

Cody, ‘rescue dog who had a dreadful start in life’

OWNERS of a dog lost 130 miles away in Worcester have been scouring Hampstead Heath after a possible sighting.

Male collie cross Cody is believed to have been spotted scrabbling through rubbish bags in the Vale of Health weeks after his sudden disappear­ance from the cathedral city.

Schoolteacher Sarah Cronin said the normally-nervous five-year-old vanished after an explod­ing firework “caused him to bolt” out of the back of their garden on June 1.

She said: “He has some­how made it 130 miles in the four weeks he has been missing and is now loose somewhere on Hamp­stead Heath. I have been down to the area to put up posters and given some pictures to the park wardens.”

Ms Cronin said there had been a “widespread campaign” on social media, radio and in the Worcester Evening News to find Cody, “a rescue dog who had a dreadful start in life and this has made him very wary of strangers”.

A photo of a dog eating on the pave­ment was posted on a pet-finding website. She added: “Someone contac­ted us to say they had seen a dog similar to ours eating out of a bin in the Vale of Health. They kindly took a picture and sent it to us on social media. It looks like our dog.”

Have you seen Cody? Call 07885 989365.


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