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Failure with plastic bags shows hypocrisy

24 September, 2020

• YOU report that Siân Berry was re-elected as the Green Party’s national co-leader.

The Green Party sounds like a great idea, but when, after all these years, the price of plastic supermarket bags increased by a pathetic 5p to 10p, instead of being abolished, where was Ms Berry’s protest?

Cities and entire countries have banned plastic bags and no one has starved as a result.

On Sunday in Waitrose, a man who knew he was going in to do a Sunday shop went in empty-handed and went out with seven brand new plastic bags: one man, one day.

These are not “bags for life” but bags for a week or two that end up in our landfills, our soil, our rivers and oceans.

Just to make them consumes energy and chemicals. No wonder all the way down the food chain we are choking and poisoning other species and ourselves on plastic.

I saw a young person with a Save the Planet T-shirt leaving Sainsbury’s with a plastic bag, not even realising the hypocrisy.

No one forgets to take their phones or their keys when they go out, but the number of people who “forget” their bags makes a mockery of our alleged concern about the environment.

Savernake Road, NW3


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