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Detective fears more women may have been attacked by ‘predatory’ brothers

Nazmul and Selim Ahmed from Camden preyed on women leaving bars and nightclubs

11 June, 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby

Nazmul Ahmed (left) and Selim Ahmed have been jailed

DETECTIVES who investigated two brothers behind a series of sexual assaults on women leaving bars and nightclubs believe there could be more victims yet to come forward.

Nazmul Ahmed, 26, and Selim Ahmed, 32, both from Cromer Street, King’s Cross, were found guilty in separate trials at Wood Green Crown Court earlier this year.

Nazmul Ahmed was sentenced to 16 years in prison with an extended four years on licence for two counts of sexual assault and one rape, and was placed on the sex offenders register for life.

Selim was given four years in jail for kidnap and 18 months for sexual assault to run concurrently. He was handed a 10-year sexual harm prevention order.

Attacks were carried out on vulnerable women who were visibly intoxicated. Detective Inspector Louise Caveen said: “What stood out for us was there was planning involved in this offending.

“Nazmul was getting friends to hire cars on his behalf. He would then drive the streets looking for women to pick off.”

One victim approached in Russell Square in September 2018 later awoke to find Nazmul Ahmed sexually assaulting her, another awoke in a hotel after a night out.

Forensic evidence revealed she had been raped by Nazmul Ahmed, who had also defrauded her of around £3,000 with the help of his girlfriend, Dora Vavrova.

Another victim was sexually assaulted after accepting a lift after leaving a bar in Shoreditch last March.

Police enquiries later identified Selim Ahmed for a similar attack on woman in her 20s who had been told he was a taxi driver. The woman identified Selim Ahmed’s girl­friend Levi Croll as being in the passenger seat.

Vavrova was convicted of fraud and handed a community order and Croll was given a two-year suspended sentence for kidnap.

Their sentences are said to reflect their vulnerability and that they were not present when the sexual offences were committed.

DI Caveen said: “Our take on it is that both brothers are fraudsters who’ve gone on to commit assaults perhaps simply because they could.

“It is difficult to get into the minds of these perpetrators as they have not admitted to what they did, but during our investiga­tions we got the impression they had a very low opinion of women.

“There’s a possi­bility there are more victims out there, which is why we pub­lished their photo­graphs but we haven’t had anyone else come forward so far,” she added.

“There were many more victims of fraud but when they were contacted none wanted to support any prosecu­tion which is up to them.

“If anyone does recognise the brothers I would encourage them to come forward. They’re in prison for a long time now, particu­larly Nazmul Ahmed.

“We would still investigate it thoroughly and make sure they got the support and the justice they needed. Thankfully, this type of offending is very, very rare.”

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