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Dan Carrier’s movie news: No Fathers In Kashmir

23 January, 2020 — By Dan Carrier

Ashvin Kumar’s No Fathers In Kashmir

NO Fathers In Kashmir is a new film by Ashvin Kumar – and is based on hundreds of true stories the director has heard over the years. Noor (Zara La Peta Webb), 16, is a British teenager who travels to Kashmir to meet her grandparents for the first time.

When she arrives in her family’s village, she meets Mahjid (Shivam Raina), who is fascinated by a world he has not yet seen that she represents.

As their friendship grows, Noor discovers that like her, Mahjid’s father has disappeared – and in all likelihood was tortured, murdered and dumped in a communal grave by the army during a political crackdown decades ago.

The pair set off on a quest to see if they can discover what really happened to their dads, and by doing so, start out with the innocence of youth to become embroiled in a dangerous quest for truth and reconciliation.

Kashmir’s history is revealed, the tragedies of its civic and political culture standing out against the people who inhabit the land.

Not only are the leads Webb and Raina wonderful, the raw beauty of Kashmir plays a significant role in the telling: it is so gorgeously shot, this troubled place’s physical presence shines in each scene.

The film is produced by members of the British/Kashmiri community and benefits from a deep sense of honesty: the clash of cultures, as well as the similarities through shared human emotions, is a key factor.

This is director Kumar’s third film focusing on Kashmir – including award-winning documentaries Inshallah, Kashmir and Inshallah Football. Heartfelt, tragic and beautiful, it’s a moving and thoughtful watch.


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