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Cycle lane proposals need more consideration

24 September, 2020

Proposals to instal cycle lanes on both sides of Haverstock Hill

• I READ of the proposal to instal cycle lanes on both sides of Haverstock Hill, which plans have convincingly been queried in your Letters pages by Cllr Oliver Cooper and resident Mahmud Khan.

Both are unhappy not only with the plans but with the imperious way in which they have been put forward.

As to the effects of such lanes the writers point to new difficulties for businesses, pedestrians, and residents whose parking facilities will be harmed. They are right.

I wish to add two further points. First there will likely, at times, be congestion with buses at stops causing other traffic to pile up and emergency vehicles, particularly ambulances, will be delayed. This would add a new health hazard to life in Camden.

Secondly, and I write as a cyclist with 74 years’ experience on two wheels in the borough, there is no real need for special lanes on the west side going uphill, where at most times there is no difficulty in proceeding.

There is even less good sense in providing a downhill east side priority for cycles which will encourage the longer-range users to develop unsafe speeds.

These proposals need to be given much more serious consideration before the “planners” try to inflict them on us.



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