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Cutting these trees down will be criminal

13 July, 2017

A “crime scene” in Cardington Street

• BEHIND the barricade in this picture (above) lies a crime scene.

It’s a scene of Cardington Street, adjacent to Euston station and St James Gardens. However, the crime it conceals has yet to take place and criminal charges against those responsible are light-years away.

All one can hope for is that surgeons hired to carry out this act of vandalism, come the autumn, will refuse to do so, citing that, being asked to fell an old tree that is clearly sick is one thing, but being ordered to fell in the region of one hundred healthy mature ones, cannot be justified.

Camden suffers from pollution. Felling its street trees, and those in its public squares and gardens, will only exacerbate this situation.

Now that the former leader of Camden Council has departed, (she with ideas above her station), her successor should examine the legality of High Speed Rail 2’s proposed act of criminality.



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