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Coronavirus: How you can help frontline council staff


02 April, 2020 — By Camden Council


I’m Kennedy, a Camden estates caretaker. Most people are working from home but I’m still out on your estates (and some of our street properties), keeping them clean and safe. It can be a bit scary at the moment but I’m here to help you – and there are small things you can do to help me too:

1. Remember to stand at least 2 metres away from everyone you don’t live with, including me – this is to keep you and me safe.

2. Make sure your recycling is clean and dry and tie rubbish bags up securely. Always put them in the bins or chute properly so we don’t have to touch it – we’re worried about getting sick too.

3. If you have a chute, don’t put anything in it that doesn’t fit. Blocked chutes are difficult to fix, can be really dangerous and stop me doing the job I’m meant to be doing – looking after where you live.

4. It’s going to be hard for us to pick up litter and do all our other important cleaning and safety work, so do your bit by not dropping litter and doing what you can to keep your area clean.

Let’s work together to help each other. If you can help me stay safe and well, I can carry on looking after where you live.

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