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Camden’s Thriving Gambling Scene

01 September, 2020

Camden’s Thriving Gambling Scene H1 Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in the United Kingdom and as an industry, brings in annual revenues of just under £15 billion. That’s an increase of almost £7 billion since 2011, a rise that has been attributed mainly to the growth of the online sector.

The rise of iGaming has resulted in land-based venues having to pull out all the stops in order to stave of competition from a casino online, which can offer slots, poker and other classic casino games within seconds. But land-based premises like super casinos, bingo halls and horse racing tracks still have their place in the British gambling industry.

Unsurprisingly, London is the hub of land-based gambling in the UK with more licensed premises than anywhere else in the UK. Of the 8,320 betting premises in the country, just under half are located here in the capital.

If you’re interested in casino betting in Camden or just finding out about some of the events nearby, read on to find out about the bountiful gambling options on your doorstep.

Casino Gambling: The Grosvenor

If you want to experience a bit of casino gambling in Camden and don’t have any expectations of glitz and glamour, then there are plenty of small-scale casino shops like the Merkur Cashino that can be enjoyed day and night.

If, however, you’re looking for a truly authentic casino experience then all you have to do is jump on the tube and take a 10-minute journey to The Grosvenor Casino in Russell Square. Situated in the forecourt of the Imperial Hotel just off Southampton Row, The Grosvenor is the place to be for high-stakes games and tournaments.

It has an abundance of betting terminals and slots too for those of you who are a little shy about playing table games with a crowd of strangers. It’s not just gambling that The Grosvenor is good for though, it’s also a great place to watch live sport.

Whether it’s a big boxing bout or a crunch clash in the Premier League, you’ll soak it all in on the Casino’s big screen TVs. The bar is reasonably priced too, and you can even grab a bite to eat if you’re feeling peckish after a long and gruelling game of poker.

Bingo: Mecca Bingo (Arlington Road)

Sixty years ago, bingo attracted a bigger weekly crowd than First Division football with some 16 million players registered in the UK. Somewhere between then and now, bingo’s fortunes took a turn for the worse.

So much so that only ten years ago there were less than a million registered players in the country leading bingo halls to close on an almost daily basis. Fortunately for bingo lovers the game was rescued from obscurity by savvy online entrepreneurs.

As a result of its increased exposure online, bingo has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in the past 10 years. Plenty of new online players are being lured into classic bingo halls to experience the real, authentic vibe of the game.

Mecca Bingo on the Arlington Road in Camden Town is the perfect place to get those nostalgic juices flowing for bingo fans. It’s open seven days a week and caters for a whole host of budgets – you can even play for as little as 30p.

If you want to win big though you’ll have to push the boat out and up that 30p bet to £4 to be in a chance of winning the national link-up top prizes!

Sports Betting

Unfortunately, Camden isn’t ideally located for live horse racing or greyhound racing action, although you can enjoy the latter with a shortish 20-mile drive to Romford. Therefore, if you’re looking to make a couple of quid on the races or the football, you’re going to have join hundreds of thousands of Brits and head to your local betting shop.

From watching TV, you could be fooled into thinking that most people bet on sports on their mobile or tablets nowadays. However, industry statistics show that over half of all bets are still placed in physical betting shops.

Camden has no shortage of physical betting shops with all the big names from the industry represented on the areas high streets as well as some independent chains too. Step inside one and you’ll be able to bet on anything you can imagine, from Arsenal securing a Top Four spot next season to there being a White Christmas this year.

Summing Up

As you can see from reading this article there really is no shortage of betting options for Camden locals, even if that means making a short journey on the Tube to a bustling casino or travelling out to Romford for some live greyhound racing.

If you don’t want to venture that far afield Camden’s bingo halls, smaller casinos and various betting shops have you covered.


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