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Call for green roofs, not 5G

24 September, 2020

• SO Camden has become the first local authority to embed legal duties related to the climate in its constitution, (Camden is now legally committed on the climate and ecological emergencies, September 17).

One of the first duties of councillors is now to: “act to mitigate and ensure resilience to climate change in recognition of the declared climate emergency”.

I therefore call upon the cabinet member for housing to allow the council tenants and residents he represents a vote on whether they would like to see their block roofs developed as green roofs.

The Local Government Act 2003 allows the council to hold an advisory referendum on any issue relating to matters that are relevant to your area. Climate change is relevant to every area.

If the people are allowed their say and vote for green roofs it would also be a clear message to the mobile phone giants that we don’t want 5G phone masts on our roofs.

My own community has been the subject of two unsuccessful applications from 5G in less than 18 months. We, like other council estates across Camden, want to free ourselves from the threat posed by 5G once and for all.

To deny council tenants and residents a vote on the issue of green roofs would be to declare that the commitment of our local authority to the battle against climate change is no more than hot air.



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