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BT Tower falling icicles fear shuts Cleveland Mews

Warnings that frozen water spikes could plummet 'at any time'

01 March, 2018 — By Tom Foot

BT has apologised for any inconvenience. Pic Simon Lamrock

FEARS that giant icicles could crack off the BT Tower has shut down a road in Fitzrovia.

British Telecoms put up hazard signs in Cleveland Mews apologising for the closure “inconvenience”.

Staff in nearby buildings were warned that the icicles “can fall at any time” from the tower, which is 177 metres tall.

A BT spokesman said: “The freezing cold weather has formed icicles on the BT Tower and Cleveland Mews has been closed for safety reasons.”

Cleveland Mews Pic: Simon Lamrock

Icicles, which form when dripping water freezes, killed five people in Russia in 2010 and injured 150, according to reports. 

In 1776, a son of the parish clerk in Devon was killed by an icicle that plummeted from the church tower. His memorial is said to read: “Bless my eyes / Here he lies / In a sad pickle / Kill’d by an icicle.”

The BT Tower is a communications tower previously known as the GPO Tower, the Post Office Tower and the Telecom Tower.

Pic Simon Lamrock


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