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Brexiteers are a threat to the cosmopolitan care I received in hospital

17 March, 2017

• ON my discharge from hospital some four years ago I wrote to your Letters pages commending the work of the doctors, nurses, and care staff on the cancer ward in the Royal Free Hospital.

The quality of care they gave was exceptional.

The point I made then was that if the Conservatives and the UK Independence Party were to have their way, “who would run the cancer ward?”

So many workers were from Europe and the rest of the world.

I have recently been back in the Royal Free and following my discharge, this time from a medical ward, and again the quality of care was exceptional.

Nurses and care staff came from Europe, Ireland, Spain and Italy; others from Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and one from Nepal.

There were also others from the Indian sub-continent.

My point is, as before, if the Tory government is going to allow the National Health Service to function, how can it do so without a workforce?

Even if Jeremy Hunt can get over his petty squabbles with the junior doctors, how will it work if there is no one to cook and serve the food, clear away, clean up the mess and calm the “dementia shouters” on the ward when something distresses them?

There aren’t queues of British born people looking to fill these jobs; in fact overseas workers didn’t, as the racists say, “steal our jobs”, the Brits were never qualified or able to fill all the vacancies required.

Remember it was the government who first advertised for Caribbean people to work in the hospitals.

Theresa May and her bunch of barmy Brexiteers have passed the law without affording any reassurance to those European and world workers who are doing such an excellent job.



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