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Brexit: crashing out will be all pain and no gain

07 February, 2019

• SOVEREIGNTY (the desire to take back control of our laws, money and borders) lay behind many people’s desire to leave the EU, even if it meant increased economic hardship (and many believe that this is a price worth paying).

However as the prospect of crashing out with no deal becomes ever more likely, it is clear the sovereignty that many seek will not be delivered and we will suffer the pain without any gain.

If we crash out of the EU without a deal we will have to revert to WTO rules, over which we have no influence, and any trade deals which we enter into after leaving the EU are likely to require a watering down of the protections we currently enjoy. So control over our laws may be extremely limited!

Consider control over our money. Our net contribution to the EU is c £8bn after we deduct our rebate and EU investment in UK infrastructure, jobs and training (primarily targeted at deprived areas of the country). This £8bn benefits us through participation in international research projects, technology development, and collaborative security arrangements – which will all be lost when we leave.

Finally let’s look at immigration – of which 50 per cent is non-EU and already under UK control. There is no doubt that many communities are feeling the pressure of immigration but these have largely been brought about as a result of government failure to invest adequately (schools, hospitals etc) in order to ameliorate the effects of community expansion – and we are already feeling the effects of reduced immigration in the fields of health and social care – to our cost.

And the price we will have to pay for securing free trade deals with other countries will likely be the granting of more visas – in other words the reduced immigration levels that many seek are unlikely to be delivered but our quality of life may well be diminished as a result of depleted services.



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