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Blind and partially sighted people are being put at risk

24 September, 2020

• IN the past few weeks Visually Impaired in Camden (VIC) has been sent numerous notices of new Covid-19 cycling safety measures designed to “make travel safer in Camden”.

However many of these safety measures involve the installation of shared bus stop boarding zones with cycle lanes which is making streets more inaccessible and dangerous for blind and partially sighted people.

Boarders see the cycle track pass in front of the bus stop with bus passengers crossing the cycle track to get on or off the bus, creating the potential for conflict with cyclists.

At these boarding zones there is no clarity as to whether the person on the cycle or the person on foot has priority, so people have to navigate around each other; difficult to do if you are visually impaired. So these boarding points do not provide a safe, accessible, method to board or exit a bus.

VIC consider such boarding arrangements flout the Equality Act 2010 because they serve to exclude disabled people from use of streets, crossings and public spaces and so put disabled people at a disadvantage in comparison to people who are not disabled: a result that Camden doesn’t seem troubled about.

Visually Impaired in Camden


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