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Blanche worked hard for the community and someone I admired. RIP

16 March, 2017

Blanche Mundlak

• I WAS so sad to read of the passing of Blanche Mundlak (New Journal, March 9).

Although she and I did not share the same political views and beliefs, I held the utmost admiration for Blanche and her work for the community, especially her annual fund-raising lunch at a hotel near Warren Street station, which I was always expected to attend.

And, indeed, did attend with great pleasure and in a harmonious atmosphere to raise funds for loads of charities.

I really looked forward to attending the excellent lunch, and atmosphere, especially when the good friend of Blanche, the delightful Ann Widdecombe, came to speak to us on loads of interesting issues.

The lunches finished due to Blanche being unwell but I kept in contact as she was someone I really did admire for her care for the community and her lovely humour.

I will miss her.

Thank you so much, Blanche, for all you achieved for those who needed so much help in our community.

Your shadow and your benevolence will always be with us and we will never forget you, dear Blanche.

Rest in peace.

Labour, St Pancras
& Somers Town ward


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