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27 July, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

Directed by Mark O’Connor
Certificate: 15

THIS Dublin-based crime film has won fans on the festival circuit and over in Ireland, where its mixture of grit and humour has struck a chord.

It tells the story of as young group of wannabe hoodlums in the Darndale area of the capital. They want to gain control of the area’s drugs trade – and earn themselves plenty of money and female attention by doing so.

Jason Connolly (John Connors) is a DJ who also helps makes ends meet on his estate by indulging in a little bit of dealing.

But when he has his benefits stopped because his cash-in-hand gigs come to the attention of the welfare officers, he needs a new income stream – and fast.

To make matters worse, he is in debt to nasty loan shark Derra (Jimmy Smallhorne). So he and his friends hatch a plan to get rid of Derra, take over his business and become a gangster kingpin himself…

Directed by Ben Young
Certificate: 18

THERE have been some extremely competent Australian thrillers in recent years, and this film joins the list.

From the barbaric and brilliantly made Snowtown, which drew on the horrible case of a series of murders committed by John Bunting, Robert Wagner and James Vlassakis in the 1990s and became known as the bodies-the-in-the-barrel case, through to the more recent film Wolf Creek, Australian film has never looked so chilling.

Hounds of Love has been inspired by a true story – the kidnapping and killing of four women by David and Catherine Birnie, in 1986.

Vicki (Ashleigh Cummings) is held captive by husband and wife Evelyn and John White (Emma Booth and Stephen Curry), and realises she is in dire danger unless she acts quickly – and cleverly – to find a chink in the couple’s partnership.


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