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Action on inequality is urgent and necessary

23 January, 2020

• THE United Kingdom is experiencing dangerously high levels of inequality, which we can see here on the streets of Camden every day.

I believe that action is urgently needed. Engaged citizens around the world and here in the UK are demanding that their leaders be bold and listen, not to the transnational elite gathered in Davos, but to ordinary people living at the sharp end of inequality.

The solutions to this crisis do not come from those responsible for the inequality crisis that is harming all of us. It is time to listen to the ordinary people who pay the price of governments’ unjust policies, designed by a stealthy 0.1per cent, accountable to no one.

We need to put people and planet first. Both the causes and the consequences of global warming are unevenly distributed. Our future as a species depends on the actions we take today in the face of climate change and the deep inequalities that accompany it.

We must uphold social rights: good quality education, accessible housing, health care for all, social security entitlements that ensure an adequate standard of living for everyone, strong unions, and jobs that pay enough to live in dignity.

The sixth largest economy must do much better. No child should go to bed hungry. We will not compromise for anything less than this.

Executive Director
The Equality Trust


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