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4 Ways Parents Can Shrink Back To School Costs

09 September, 2020


Are your kids going back to school or getting ready to? 2020 has definitely been tough for us all (kids included), and having the added back to school costs put on top of that has left some mums feeling really stretched.

Uniform and Everything Else

The government has recommended that many schools don’t implement strict uniform policies until the autumn term, giving us a little longer to figure out how we’re going to pay for it all, but it’s not always about the uniform.

These days, kids need to make sure they are fully equipped both at home and at school, and with everyone worried about a second lockdown or a local lockdown, that may include investing in technology such as tablets or laptops to cope with virtual learning too.

Here are four ways you can reduce your back to school costs, from uniforms to technology and everything in between.

Hunt For The Sales

There are always sales on this time of year, usually targeted at busy mums who realise they need to pay for those back to school essentials. While it’s great to see a sale on in the shop, you will rarely get the best price on the high street.

Take the time to look online for discount codes and coupons, and you’ll find many big retailers have all kinds of deals, from John Lewis coupons to Argos discount codes. A quick look around will save your pennies!

Use Supermarket Own Brands

Many schools are going over to branded schoolwear, everything from shirts to blazers, T-shirts and even trousers need the school logo on them, but there are still some schools that are bucking the trend and allowing parents to buy generic supermarket own-brand clothing for their uniforms, and it’s really worth doing when the prices can be so much more affordable.

It’s not just uniforms that the supermarkets do either. You can also buy books, pens, paper, rulers, calculators, and all manner of other vital school supplies.

Make Use Of Second Hand

Did you have an older sibling? Did you always get hand-me-downs? While it may be annoying for the younger siblings, getting second-hand things can really save the pennies at a time when it’s desperately needed.

Many schools also have a second-hand shop or at least some second-hand networks (official and unofficial) for uniforms and other school items that are perfectly usable still after a quick wash.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Back to school time can be a time where you see your finances dwindling with all of the expensive things that kids need, but savvy shopping can make all the difference.

Smart shopping like buying trousers too long and letting them down as your kids grow taller can be a great way to save the pennies – check out some amazing sewing hacks. In addition, why not let them use your old laptop rather than buying a new one? This tip also means less worry for you if the old one gets broken!


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