Thursday 11th December 2003
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Ms Dynamite with Mayor Nasim Ali, his son Rio, and wife Amanda
Dynamite beats jinx in lighting switch on
CHART-topping r‘n’b star Ms Dynamite could not contain her laughter when she turned on – or tried to turn on – South End Green’s Christmas lights on Thursday night.
Ms Dynamite, whose real name is Naomi McLean-Daley, twice gave the countdown with Radio One DJ Edith Bowman, but each time the lights failed to twinkle.
As she collapsed into a fit of giggles she shouted: “I’ve jinxed it!”
But engineers soon fixed the problem and had the night sky aglow with festive cheer.
And Ms Dynamite, 22, who grew up in Kentish Town and attended Acland Burghley School, found a new fan in Camden Mayor Nasim Ali at the event.
The Mayor told an excited crowd: “I have three things in common with Ms Dynamite. I come from Camden, I’ve met Nelson Mandela and I just had a son at the Royal Free Hospital.”
But Cllr Ali couldn’t make that four things; as he broke into a spontaneous chorus of Ms Dynamite’s hit Dy-Na-Mi-Tee, his voice cracked into a piercing shrill. The crowd winced.
Ms Bowman, who lives in Gospel Oak, told him: “Your chain is blinging!”
An exuberant Ms Dynamite told the New Journal: “There’s nothing I want this Christmas – I’ve got everything. My son is very happy and healthy.”
But she said the one thing she would be using her new-found wealth to enjoy this year was extra food.
She added: “I’m cooking Christmas dinner this year. I’ve never done it before but I going to do everything – the whole lot.
“I’m even cooking sprouts. I hate them but my boyfriend loves them.”
She signed autographs for fans and encouraged them to support Nelson Mandela’s Aids campaign, while backing group Tuff, who have supported Robbie Williams, Misteeq and Westlife, entertained the crowd.
Ms Dynamite’s new album is expected out next summer.