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Friday 9th September, 2005

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Estate plea for more police after shooting

Minister warns: ‘People are very fearful around here’

Rev Rudi Pedro: ‘normally a decent estate’

‘Once-peaceful’ Elthorne estate

A MAN was shot in the head on Sunday when violence returned to Archway’s trouble-torn Elthorne estate.
Police raced to Partington Close after 11pm when tenants reported sounds of gunshots. When police arrived, the street was empty and there was no sign of victim or gunman.
Later, a young black man was admitted to hospital, where he was said to be in a stable condition.
Detectives from Operation Trident, which investigates gun crime in the black community, are interviewing the injured man.
The shooting is the latest in a series of violent incidents which have plagued the estate.
Hornsey Rise Baptist Church minister the Rev Rudi Pedro has called for more police patrols on the estate, where residents fear going out after dark.
Police admit they were forced to scale down patrols on the neat red-brick estate off St John’s Way because extra manpower was diverted to anti-terrorist duties.
In recent months, a man has been shot in the leg in Mulkern Road and a young man sustained an injury to the base of his brain in an attack. A resident who went to his aid had her windows pushed in the following morning.
A young Bulgarian man was repeatedly stabbed and is still fighting for his life at Whittington Hospital in Archway after being attacked outside Hornsey Rise Baptist Church in Hazellville Road.
The estate is just half a mile from the scene of the bus stabbing in which Richard Whelan died last month.
Mr Pedro said: “People are very fearful around here. It’s not surprising because we’ve had a lot of nasty incidents lately.
“I can understand the police have their priorities but we’ve got problems here and we need them to show a presence.
“This is normally a thoroughly decent estate and a good community but recently people have been seen hanging around and there is a perception that they are up to no good.”
Tenant association representatives have told police about a gang from outside the estate who were seen carrying guns and knives and have been intimidating youths.
A reporter from the Tribune who interviewed tenants on the estate on Monday evening found many of them fearful.
One woman said: “We won’t go out after dark. There’s too much tension on the estate. Everyone would feel a lot better if we had a few police around.”
Eileen Sanchez, chairwoman of Holbrook Tenant Management Co-op, said: “More and more of our residents are feeling unsafe. Our once-peaceful estate now has the reputation of being a dangerous place to go.
“Well, our estate has a lot of decent people living on it, and we shouldn’t have our reputation ruined and our peace and security threatened by a bunch of young outsiders.
“It’s not just the police who must take action. Islington Council also has a duty to liaise with the police and help protect our safety and security.”
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